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Walmart’s Fall Collection 2019: What I’m Loving This Year

So Walmart has kind of stepped up their game lately in the fashion department. I'm going to go out on a limb and just say that. Hate me if you want, I'm sticking to my guns on this one. I am pleasantly surprised with their stock within the last year, as are a good number… Continue reading Walmart’s Fall Collection 2019: What I’m Loving This Year

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Quirk Fashion Enamel Pin Review

Enamel pins have been trending a ton recently, and I hopped onboard the trend last year and have slowly started to build up my pin collection. I always love finding online companies that create cute and unique pins. I recently came across the company Quirk Fashion and got the chance to feature and review three… Continue reading Quirk Fashion Enamel Pin Review

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Marshalls Find Of The Month

My love for Marshalls is pretty extensive. I've resigned myself to the fact that you can't go in there looking for something specific or else you will wind up being rather disappointed. You have to just go in to browse and see what they have. Basically, it's a surprise every time you go in. So… Continue reading Marshalls Find Of The Month

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Plant Of The Month From DirtyRootsMA

This post is grossly overdue, but spring has finally sprung here in Maryland, so my job at the garden center has amped up big time! Think mountains of flowers that need to be sold and put out on shelves and taken care of...every. Single. Day. On this botanical note, let's talk about the plant that… Continue reading Plant Of The Month From DirtyRootsMA

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Alpaca Pin Love

In case you guys didn't know, I get to work with alpacas at my regular job. They're basically fluffy, walking shag rugs that hum when they're excited or nervous, and are extremely cuddly and curious. I love these animals very much, and am super happy to see that they are gaining popularity. I also work… Continue reading Alpaca Pin Love