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To Buy Or Not To Buy? The Yeti Tumbler

I am an obsessive compulsive tumbler hoarder. I am constantly buying and then getting rid of tumblers. I have currently been juggling two llama tumblers, which I love, please do not get me wrong on that, but there are issues with each one. I went into a local Ace hardware store today and saw their… Continue reading To Buy Or Not To Buy? The Yeti Tumbler

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My Peppermint Mocha Recipe

I rarely drink Starbucks...I find their drinks really overpriced. The only time that I go to Starbucks with any enthusiasm is during peppermint mocha season. This season however, I stuck myself on a bit of a budget, and Starbucks was cut out entirely. This decision was made right when they started making peppermint mochas. I… Continue reading My Peppermint Mocha Recipe

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If You Ain’t Croc-in’, You Ain’t Rockin’

I've noticed within the last year or so that Crocs have begun to reemerge on social media, especially VSCO, Pinterest and Instagram. They are the basic person's shoes. You can be even more basic if you match either your phone case or Hydroflask to your Crocs. Then you really are basic. So I dug my… Continue reading If You Ain’t Croc-in’, You Ain’t Rockin’

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My Winter Lipstick Of The Day

I don't wear much lipstick. Case closed. End of story. I just don't. One of my friends is always rocking lipstick, and I'm always thinking "I really should hop onboard and wear lipstick." so I decided to do just that. I chose to wear my Maybelline Superstay 14 Hr lipstick in Lasting Chestnut. It's a… Continue reading My Winter Lipstick Of The Day