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Hangry Musings: What I Order At Mission BBQ

So where I live Mission BBQ is a big deal. People love this place. It's great classic American comfort food with a patriotic side. It's a homey feeling place where you can easily relax and enjoy your food. Side note: You should probably be able to tolerate patriotic country music if you plan to sit… Continue reading Hangry Musings: What I Order At Mission BBQ

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My Peppermint Mocha Recipe

I rarely drink Starbucks...I find their drinks really overpriced. The only time that I go to Starbucks with any enthusiasm is during peppermint mocha season. This season however, I stuck myself on a bit of a budget, and Starbucks was cut out entirely. This decision was made right when they started making peppermint mochas. I… Continue reading My Peppermint Mocha Recipe

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I Tried Mochi–What Did I Think About It?

I was at Whole Foods over in Annapolis and came across a freezer filled with mochi. Little round balls of frozen dessert shaped goodness according to the internet. I did a quick google search to find out what exactly it was. Basically it is frozen coconut cream that is surrounded by rice cake dough and… Continue reading I Tried Mochi–What Did I Think About It?

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LunchTime Made Eco-Friendly With BioBags

REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE.Β  These were words I grew up hearing and never really took them to heart until recently. Part of my attempt to live a more eco-friendly life started when I was looking for ways to save money and stop shelling cash out for things like plastic bags to store my lunch in and… Continue reading LunchTime Made Eco-Friendly With BioBags