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Warm Weather Yoga Attire From GymQueenApparel

After a few weeks of snow and sleet, the weather here in MD has decided to play nice. For the time being. While it's only in the 50's today, we have been experiencing days where the temperatures are in the 70's, and that's been great for me, since I like to do yoga outside in… Continue reading Warm Weather Yoga Attire From GymQueenApparel

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Adventures Of Selling Old Dresses

Over the last 8 years or so, I have gotten a small collection of prom, formal, and cocktail dresses to wear to various occasions. Or so I thought. First things first, I was homeschooled. Prom wasn't exactly a reality for me unless it was the overpriced homeschool prom in Baltimore that I never went to.… Continue reading Adventures Of Selling Old Dresses

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Geeky Pins For Geeky Girls

Anime and video games have been a surprisingly large part of my life that I rarely speak about anymore. While I don't read much anime anymore, or play video games, it was pretty much all I did in middle and high school, so anything related to these activities brings back a nostalgic feeling. The shop… Continue reading Geeky Pins For Geeky Girls