Mickey Mouse Ear Magic: KoquiDesigns Shop Review

Hello and happy Thursday everyone! Let's not dilly dally around and hop right on into this post shall we? Mickey Mouse ears have been a staple for anyone who loves Disney since the 1950's when the classic Mickey Mouse Ears Hat turned up on the Mickey Mouse Club. These were worn by faithful Mouseketeers."M-I-C-K-E-YΒ  M-O-U-S-E! … Continue reading Mickey Mouse Ear Magic: KoquiDesigns Shop Review


Very Enchanted Ears

Mickey Mouse is a classic American icon who is known worldwide. He's positively adorable, cheerful, and looks good on any item of clothing or accessory. I recently received an adorable pair of mouse ears from the online company A Kingdom Full Of Ears. It took me a good while to get these ears because my … Continue reading Very Enchanted Ears

Mickey Ears Fit For A Princess

Mickey Mouse ears have become increasingly popular over the years for Disney lovers of all ages, and have become increasingly detailed and works of wearable Disney art! I recently was sent this beautiful pair of ears for reviewΒ from the online shop KiKiPuaHair, which makes these gorgeous floral, wire Mickey Ears.   These Rapunzel inspiredΒ ears are … Continue reading Mickey Ears Fit For A Princess