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MomsOnWineDesign Wine Glass Review

I love anything that is Disney related. It can be pretty much anything and I will fall head over heels for it. I also love glitter. Combine those two things and you have an item that I will go nuts for. I do fancy a glass of wine now and again, as do many people.… Continue reading MomsOnWineDesign Wine Glass Review

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Adventureland Ears Co. Review

It's T-minus two months until I get to hop on a plane and head down to Florida to go to Disneyworld and I couldn't be more excited. Mickey Ears are one of those things that help me keep that Disney enthusiasm year-round, and I added to my collection with a very unique pair from the… Continue reading Adventureland Ears Co. Review

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Geeky Pins For Geeky Girls

Anime and video games have been a surprisingly large part of my life that I rarely speak about anymore. While I don't read much anime anymore, or play video games, it was pretty much all I did in middle and high school, so anything related to these activities brings back a nostalgic feeling. The shop… Continue reading Geeky Pins For Geeky Girls

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Alpaca Pin Love

In case you guys didn't know, I get to work with alpacas at my regular job. They're basically fluffy, walking shag rugs that hum when they're excited or nervous, and are extremely cuddly and curious. I love these animals very much, and am super happy to see that they are gaining popularity. I also work… Continue reading Alpaca Pin Love

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Mickey Ears Fit For A Princess

Mickey Mouse ears have become increasingly popular over the years for Disney lovers of all ages, and have become increasingly detailed and works of wearable Disney art! I recently was sent this beautiful pair of ears for review from the online shop KiKiPuaHair, which makes these gorgeous floral, wire Mickey Ears.   These Rapunzel inspired ears are… Continue reading Mickey Ears Fit For A Princess