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Mental Health Magic Shop Review

Mental health is a topic that is people are becoming more open to talking about. Even 20 years ago, it wasn't as openly discussed as it is today. As a child, I never heard anyone speak about depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or other mental issues that can plague people. As I got older, I did… Continue reading Mental Health Magic Shop Review

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Some Tips For Living A Self-Sufficient Life

I am on the urban homesteading self-sufficient bandwagon now. I'm craving a healthier lifestyle that's more DIY, eco-friendly and in touch with nature. I have been reading a bunch of articles on how to be self-sufficient, and have compiled a number of points together for you all. First things first....look into downsizing. Discard all the… Continue reading Some Tips For Living A Self-Sufficient Life

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I Built WHAT In My Backyard?! Modern Homesteading 101

I have worked in the garden center industry for the last 3 years. I also grew up around plants my entire life, so I am absolutely no stranger to the idea of growing your own veggies and herbs as well as planting and caring for flowers, trees, and bushes. The last few years I have… Continue reading I Built WHAT In My Backyard?! Modern Homesteading 101

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MomsOnWineDesign Wine Glass Review

I love anything that is Disney related. It can be pretty much anything and I will fall head over heels for it. I also love glitter. Combine those two things and you have an item that I will go nuts for. I do fancy a glass of wine now and again, as do many people.… Continue reading MomsOnWineDesign Wine Glass Review

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On The Warpath: New Lipstick From Serpentine Beauty

I have been talking about the company Serpentine Beauty for several years now. I was given the chance to review their lip glazes shortly after they started their company, and now they have grown into such a great brand in the makeup community. Their products are make in Canada, are cruelty free, and are used… Continue reading On The Warpath: New Lipstick From Serpentine Beauty

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Quirk Fashion Enamel Pin Review

Enamel pins have been trending a ton recently, and I hopped onboard the trend last year and have slowly started to build up my pin collection. I always love finding online companies that create cute and unique pins. I recently came across the company Quirk Fashion and got the chance to feature and review three… Continue reading Quirk Fashion Enamel Pin Review