About The Blogger

A note from the blogger….wpid-cymera_20150928_194702.jpgWell Hi There!
Thanks for stumbling across my blog!
Welcome to my little Blogger World.

I am a fashion/beauty and lifestyle blogger from Annapolis Maryland, and I love what I do! I set out each day with my trusty camera, phone, and notebook to create blog posts that folks will want to read, and will enjoy.
My blog covers a wide range of topics–lifestyle, home décor, food, plants, makeup, fashion, geeky things, and photography.

I am a PR-friendly blogger, and I have written quite a few reviews for
small, up and coming online businesses.
If you are interested in having me review for your business, drop me an email!



If you have any questions, send me an email.
If you have not subscribed to my blog, please take a second to subscribe via your WordPress account or your email.

Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


10 thoughts on “About The Blogger

  1. Hi there.
    I’ve only just recently discovered your blog and it’s absolutely interesting.
    I’m going to hit the follow right away so I can continue reading as and when you write more. 🙂
    Also, I’ve just started blogging recently. So do check my blog and click the follow if you enjoyed reading through my blog.
    Have a good day. 😀

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