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Hangry Musings: What I Order At Mission BBQ

So where I live Mission BBQ is a big deal. People love this place.
It’s great classic American comfort food with a patriotic side.
It’s a homey feeling place where you can easily relax and enjoy your food. Side note: You should probably be able to tolerate patriotic country music if you plan to sit down and eat there, cause that’s what they play. A typical order for me runs about ten bucks. And it’s ten bucks well spent.
I get pulled chicken (not in a sandwich) an order of fries and a lemonade. I’ve noticed that the order always comes with a side of cornbread.

The menu is pretty extensive and I have yet to venture away from my pulled chicken order to try their other items, such as their various sides, such as mac and cheese, baked beans with brisket, or cold slaw. They also serve ribs…now I love ribs, but somehow I haven’t ordered any. Yet. It’s coming. Trust me. One day I will try something new.
I do intend on getting an American Heroes Cup the next time I go in.
For $3.99 they will donate $2 of that will support the meaningful
work of nonprofit organizations in the Community
and the Country, plus you get a nice big reusable cup. Definitely on my bucket list.
They also have an extensive collection of BBQ sauces to choose from…20181103_174134IMG_20181103_174357_666I’ve eaten at both Annapolis locations and love them both for different reasons.
The DTA location has a great view of Ego Alley, whereas the location in Parole has a great team who really are really outgoing people who will make the rounds by your table to talk to you and see if everything is up to par.
All in all, it’s an amazing place and I totally love it.
And that concludes our first episode of Hangry Musings!
I’m excited to share some food places with you and tell you all about what I like to order!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀

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