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Riderwylde Hoodie Review

Anyone who knows me will know that I love a nice hoodie.
It’s kind of like an obsession of mine to find a nice hoodie that is warm, soft, cozy, and nice looking on top of all that.
Trust me, I have put multiple hoodies through the test.

I recently received a hoodie from an up and coming company called Riderwylde that is located here in my home state of Maryland. 20190117_150253
This company was created by two friends who decided they wanted to live their lives to the fullest, and spend it with family and friends and not have to work the normal 9-5 job.
They decided to create gear for people to wear that would help the wearer live their lives to the fullest too.
Riderwylde was born, along with their motto:
Live Stoked Stay Wylde.

The company was amazing enough to send me a hoodie of theirs to review.
Like I said, I take my hoodies seriously. I know a bad hoodie and I know a great hoodie. This hoodie falls into the great hoodie category, and I’ve only had maybe one or two other hoodies enter into that category. It’s a tough category to get into.
This is the Script Logo Midweight Hoodie. It retails for $35 on the Riderwylde website.
It comes in two colors: Pomegranate Heather, which I am wearing here, and Midnight Heather, which is a dark grey shade. I am totally in love with the color of this hoodie.
The hoodie that I am wearing is a size Medium and the sizes range from X-Small all the way up to XX-Large. I like the fit of the hoodie in this size because it’s not too big and I’m not swimming in it, yet it’s not too small. It covers my bum if I pull it down (sometimes I want to hide my phone that’s in my back pocket), and it doesn’t ride up in the front and do the little bubble over my stomach that some hoodies do if they are too small.
A size medium is also great for layering under, which is great, cause it has been very cold the past couple of days.20190118_151018
The fabric is also ridiculously soft. It’s a 52% Cotton 48% Polyester blend.
Another amazing thing is that this hoodie is really warm. I have worn it outside in weather that is under 30 degrees with a long sleeved shirt underneath and haven’t felt cold at all. That is very impressive in my opinion, because I am always cold.
The stitching on the hoodie is really well done too, so I’m not concerned about it falling apart on me or fraying at the edges. My Mom had noticed how well it was finished and told me to add that little point in! I’m glad she pointed that out, because it’s something nice to add in that I think that people would like to know. 20190118_151128
The logo script is soft and flexible and moves with the hoodie. It doesn’t sit awkwardly on the fabric like some logos do. I also think that the font is really pretty. 20190118_150632
Riderwylde also has a long sleeve tee in stock, as well as an Anorak jacket, two types of snapbacks and two styles of beanies. They also carry a zip-up bottle koozie (in multiple colors), a regular koozie for cans (also in different color choices), as well as an air freshener with their circle logo on it, a circle logo patch, and a motel style key tag.

So to sum things up, this is a soft, warm hoodie that’s nice and lightweight, which makes it perfect for wearing out adventuring, it’s super well made so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart on you, and on top of all that, you get to take pride in knowing that you are wearing something that was made from a great small business in the great state of Maryland! It’s a great hoodie for staying Wylde! 20190116_174353

To go check out Riderwylde for yourself, here is the link to their website, as well as links to their social media accounts. Go give them some love!

<< Riderwylde Website >>

<<Link to the Logo Hoodie that I reviewed>>

<<Follow Riderwylde on Facebook>>

<<Follow Riderwylde on Instagram>>

<<Follow Riderwylde on Pinterest>>

A huge thank you to the crew over at Riderwylde for sending me this hoodie to review! You guys are awesome!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀

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