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Simple Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Use

Plastic is a major source of pollution in our environment.
While some people are responsible and recycle their plastic, many people do not and this turns into a huge problem and impacts the world we live in.

I’ve compiled a few simple tips for living your life with less plastic.
Less plastic, less waste, less damage to our globe.

Use a reusable grocery bag when you go to the store. Some stores offer a bag credit for doing this, which is pretty cool. Some stores like Mom’s Organic Market have a bin located outside the store where people leave their old reusable totes for others to pick up and use. You can also fit a ton into these bags. They aren’t super expensive, so it doesn’t hurt to buy a few to have on hand.

Use a reusable water bottle. I like to reuse old kombucha bottles. I simply remove the label, and deep clean the bottle and the lid and then use that to keep my water in. Think about how many plastic bottles of water you are keeping out of landfills by doing that!

Pack your lunches and snacks in reusable containers. Seems like a duh, but it’s sometimes a thing that people deem “too much effort”. Once you get into the swing of packing your lunches in glass containers or reusable clothe snack pouches, it becomes a lot easier to do every day.

Go buy your food in bulk and use glass jars. You can forgo using the plastic bags at the bulk section of most stores by using your own glass jars. You can also buy your spices in bulk and reuse your old spice jars. That’s what my mom does. She gets her spices in bulk and reuses old glass spice jars, making sure to clean them out between fillings.

Keeping on with the “don’t use the plastic bags at the stores” theme, take your own mesh produce bags with you to the store!

Cook more at home! If you cook more at home, you won’t be eating out and winding up with plastic wrappers and take out boxes that are left from your dining experience.

Finally, turn down plastic silverware and straws when you do eat out.
Simply invest in a glass or metal straw, and a set of bamboo silverware to take with you.
Amazon has some great options for reusable straws and silverware sets.

So those are my tips for how to reduce your plastic use in your day to day life!
It may seem like a real hassle at first, but when it comes down to it, you really are doing your part to save the planet and keep it clean.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀

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