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Feeling Hungry? Chew On This

I’m notorious for getting food on the go.
It’s my biggest way of burning through my hard earned cash.

I decided to throw together a short little blog post showing ya’ll what I tend to get when I’m out and about and am starting to feel a little hungry, and the best part is that all of these can be purchased for under $10!


RXBARS are crazy sweet, yet are filled with protein and healthy ingredients, so I don’t feel guilty about eating something that I shouldn’t have.


Sushi can be a pretty inexpensive and filling on the go option that doesn’t require a microwave!


Love me some Synergy kombucha. It’s definitely an acquired taste since it is a fermented drink, but I’ve really come to love the zesty flavors.

So those are my go-to snacks to eat that are a step away from normal snacks like chips or candy bars.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀

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