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Maybelline Superstay 24 Hr Foundation Review

There is nothing worse in my personal opinion than shopping for a new foundation.
For some reason, it’s the biggest shopping woe that I have.
Call me crazy. But it’s a bit overwhelming.
First you go to the makeup aisle. Then you have to pick out foundation that is in your price range. I upped my price-point a little wee bit in the first time in forever. I was actually willing to spend over $10 on a bottle of foundation. (EVERYBODY LOOK OUT WE GOT A BIG SPENDER OVER HERE **sarcasm**)
After you set a price then you need to check brands, coverage, shade range, undertones, finishes, the list goes on and on and on and what should have been a five minute trip to pick out a new foundation turns into half an hour, and some tears and choice curse words. It’s quite the experience to go foundation shopping with me. I don’t recommend coming along for that trip unless it is absolutely necessary, and by that, I mean, don’t come with me unless you have wound up handcuffed to me.


I finally went with the Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Foundation.
It’s about $10 at Walmart, so it’s on the more “pricy” end of things for Walmart.
I used to use Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte foundation religiously for years, but recently realized that it’s making my acne worse, so I ditched it. I heard great things about this Superstay foundation and decided to give it a shot.

First of all, it claims to be a full coverage foundation, which is something that I really look for in my foundation. I love a good full coverage foundation. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to hide on my face.

Second, the shade range was impressive and they had my shade, Pale Potato. Just kidding, my shade is 102 Fair Porcelain (it’s their palest shade available.)

Third, they claim that it will last you 24 hours. Questionable…weird flex, but OK.

So let’s talk about what I thought of this makeup.
For the first claim, I do find it to be a good full coverage foundation. I didn’t feel the need to wear any concealer under my eyes or around the areas of my face where my complexion is on the redder side of things. I would wear concealer if I wanted a totally flawless look, but when I’m in a rush to get out the door, I don’t feel that it’s a necessary step if I’m wearing this foundation. It does cover well.
It can also be used to do a really good “cake-face” as my Mom calls it, if I do a couple of layers, but I find one layer to be good for a nice finish.
It also dries to a matte finish and I look kind of airbrushed after applying it. img_20181121_134136_142
So for their shade range, like I said, this is the palest shade that they offer, and I’m feeling a little bit like at first, it’s too pale for me. Once it oxidizes a bit on my face after an hour or so, I don’t look so washed out. I wouldn’t really consider going up a shade, because of that oxidation factor. If a darker shade oxidizes on my face, I will look like my makeup is too dark. I’d rather look pale right off the bat, than look like my foundation is really too dark for me after a few hours of wear.
Finally, the 24 hour claim. No makeup is really 24 hour. Not really. There will be signs of wearing and thinning over time. I noticed at about the 8 hour mark, my skin looked a tad oily and that matte finish was cracking a little bit in places. Not sure if that had to do with the fact that I put on too much foundation, or that I didn’t use a setting spray, but I definitely saw some wear and tear after awhile.
One little thing that I noticed is that that wear and tear factor isn’t so prominent when I use a brush to apply this instead of a beauty blender sponge. I feel as though I get deeper coverage by buffing the makeup into my skin with the brush instead of bouncing it on with the sponge. Maybe it’s just me.

So I would say that for the price that I paid for this foundation, it’s worth it.
I like how it applies, how it wears for the most part, and that it comes with a little pump nozzle, which is a little tidbit I forgot to mention earlier in my post. So far, it hasn’t made me break out, so that’s a bonus.

If you have tried out this foundation, let me know your personal thoughts on it!
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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀


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