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The Sunshine Blogger Award

I got myself nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Awards by the sweet and amazing Sophie Jane from Pretty Little Blog Posts.

I love getting to do these kinds of posts, because it helps my readers get to know me a little bit better plus it helps build a blogger community, as my readers get to discover blogs that they may not have known about.

So here is how this works:
•Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
•Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
•Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
•List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

So here are my answers to the 11 questions from Sophie Jane!

What’s your favourite makeup/beauty product at the minute?
My current favorite makeup product at this time would have to be my new Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick in Marshmallow. It’s the prettiest bright girly pink color and it smells so sweet too! Plus getting it on discount makes it pretty darn appealing too…and who doesn’t totally fall for TooFaced packaging?!

Do you have any weird food combinations that other people think are weird? if so what are they?
A lot of my friends think it’s totally disgusting how I can eat pickles with pretty much anything. I love pickles. I also have gotten a ton of flack for eating Doritos dipped in Nutella. The salty/sweet combo is amazing! 

Do you have any pets?
I have a pet albino mouse! I got her as a spur of the moment decision one day last year when I saw that she was about to get fed to a snake in a local pet store. The girl was dragging her out of her cage by her tail and was walking her over to toss her in the snake container and I lost my cool and practically screamed “NO I’LL BUY HER!”
$2.69 later, she was mine. She technically is a feeder mouse, but she’s become so sweet and loveable in her own funny skittish way. She loves my mom more than me however….still can’t figure that one out except my mom talks baby talk to her and gives her pieces of spinach every morning. 

Have you broken any new years resolutions yet? if so what?

No, not yet! I let up a little bit on my working out last week, but have been back at this this week 🙂 

What’s your favourite colour(s)?

My favorite colors are black, grey, red, pink, and maroon. 

Do you have any pet hates?

Yes! I do have a couple.
Store employees who seem as though they are half asleep and could care less about helping me. If you don’t care, as your demeanor would indicate, then don’t try to help me. You’re just frustrating me.

Couples who make out in public…ew. Stop it. A quick peck on the cheek is one thing….but full blown make-out sessions are so not okay. Get a room.

Do you prefer a shower or a bath?
Showers please!

Have you ever been to Disney world?

I have not, but hope to soon! It is definitely on my bucket list!

If you could have one super power what would you pick and why?

I would like to be able to be able to move objects with my mind.
It sure would come in handy with things that are out of reach on shelving that is too tall for me!

If you won £10,000 what would be the first thing you’d buy?

I would get a new phone, and then get a computer of my own!

What’s your favourite perfume?

My favorite perfume is Obsession Night by Calvin Klein. Sadly that scent was discontinued a few years back. It will always be my #1 favorite scent however. I haven’t been able to find a scent that I like to replace it. 


So now it’s time for me to send out my questions and tag my 11 victims of sorts! 😉

So here are my questions:

What is your favorite subject to blog about?

What is your favorite brand of makeup?

Where would you like to go for a week long vacation?

What is/was your favorite subject in school?

What is your least favorite color?

What is one makeup or beauty tip that you think that everyone should know about?

What season is your favorite?

What is one thing that you like to do to unwind after a long day?

What movie do you LOVE the most?

What movie do you HATE the most? 

What is one difficulty that you have had to overcome when it comes to blogging?


My eleven nominees are the following!

Maggie In The Moon
The Laura Jessica
Makeup By Erin
Aleeya Azimulla
Ellie Taylor
Imperfect Beauty
Abi Rose
Irish Rose Beauty
Katie Rose Loves

I hope you all enjoy reading this, and will have fun participating too!
If you were not tagged, please feel free to answer the questions and leave them in a comment!
❤ 🙂 ❤

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

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