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Eldridge Organics Autumn Spice Blush

Have you ever bothered to look at the ingredients list on your makeup? I have. It made me cringe. I can’t pronounce 90% of the listed ingredients. That’s kind of concerning when you consider that you’re putting that on your face day after day. Who knows what you’re clogging your precious pores with! I recently decided to make the switch over to handmade, organic makeup. Not only is it made with things that I can pronounce, but it’s helping out small businesses in the process!

I received an organic blush from the company Eldridge Organics, and it’s my newest obsession. autumn spice blushThis is a loose powder formula, so all you have to do is take a fluffy brush, dip it gently into the powder, tap off any excess powder and then sweep it onto your face.
I like to use a stiff bristled compact brush, as I find that it holds the powder and deposits it onto my face better than my big fluffy blush brush does.

I find that this doesn’t add an obnoxious mount of color to my cheeks, and is more blendable than most blushes that I have used in the past due to it’s lightweight texture.
eldrige organics blush open

The list of ingredients is easy to read and understand–AND they’re certified organic! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! If you’re vegan, you’ll be very happy to know that this blush is also vegan, so you can use it worry-free.
Each container of blush is 1 oz. and it retails for $10 per container. eldrige organics blush ingrediant list

Each container comes with compostable labels and arrives in recyclable packaging.

The company also has a variety of colognes, face masks, toners, serums, cosmetics, soaps, perfume oils, and more.
They also were featured earlier this year in a Buzzfeed article which talked about the top 30 small Etsy shops to check out (they came in at #3! Yay! Congrats guys! You’re famous now!) as well as a article about bug-repellent sprays that don’t smell disgusting!

So please go check out their website, which I will link HERE.

I’ll also add in a link to their Facebook and Instagram accounts below.

Eldridge Organics On Facebook

Eldridge Organics on Instagram

A huge thank you to Eldridge Organics for letting me try out their blush. It has quickly become a favorite of mine that I will be reaching for day after day.

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