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Herbal Comfort

Herbal smoke blends have been popular for centuries. When properly mixed, they can bring relaxation, muscle relief, and a clear mind.

While most people these days turn to tobacco or marijuana, some still like a nice herbal blend to smoke either by itself or mixed with tobacco or weed.

I recently got a small bag of an herbal blend by the company Jayalixir.
This company specializes in making organic smoke blends, raw organic honey, and crystal elixirs, for their customers inner healing.

The smoke blend came in a precious drawstring bag, and was then inside of a plastic sealed bag with the company logo on the front.

smoke blend cloth bagsmoke blend in bag

This botanical blend is called the Sacred Moon Smoking Blend and is specially formulated to help us ladies with cramps and relaxation during “that time of the month”, although I would happily say that this is a very relaxing blend to use anytime, and even men can use it to help clear their minds and relax.
The blend contains mullein, red raspberry leaf, lavender, red rose, and mugwort, all of which help the user relax and unwind, both physically and mentally. Lavender actually will help with cramps (why people smoke it and use it in tea!) mugwort helps combat bloating, and helps with deep sleep, and mullein helps to smooth out the smoke so that it isn’t harsh to inhale.

smokeblend closeupThe blend is carefully milled and ground up so that if you are rolling this in rolling papers, you won’t have any little stems poking through.
I personally smoke this in my Nebula Pipe from Danny B Glass (I’ll link you to the review for that lovely pipe HERE) and love the soothing effect it has.
I was a little doubtful at first about how relaxing it would actually be, but was pleasantly surprised at how at ease I felt afterwards.

I tried smoking it about a half hour before I went to bed, and actually got one of the best nights sleeps that I have gotten recently, and didn’t wake up at all during the night (which is an issue that I struggle with.)  This might not be the case for everyone who uses this blend, but it was really helpful for me.

A half ounce bag of this blend is $16.00 and a ounce is $24.00, which is actually pretty good, given that some of the herbs can be a bit pricey.
The taste is something that you might have to get used to if you have been smoking tobacco or marijuana, as this has a deep, earthy flavor.
I know at first I was perplexed by the taste, but now have gotten used to it!

I hope that you will check out Jayalixir.
Here is the link to the shop for those interested.

Jayalixir Online Shop Link

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you all have a great Wednesday!
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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
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