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Danny B Glass Pipe *Review*

My love for hand-blown glass pipes continues to grow with every new pipe that I add to my collection. The latest addition is a delicate pipe from the company Danny B Glass. This company, which is in Ashland Oregon, specializes in handmade glass pipes and jewelry pendants.

space pipe

I was sent a beautiful deep blue pipe with multicolored swirling on the inside.
This particular pipe design was called a Blue Black Space Nebula, due to how it looks very similar to a nebula.

Image result for Orange and blue Nebula

The pipe came in a very discreet package, and was well wrapped in protective wrap so that it wouldn’t get damaged during shipping.
Length-wise, it is between 5″-5.5″ and features a rather deep bowl, and a long stem.
I found that the airflow and drag on this pipe is quite good and it is very easy to hold onto without feeling as though I might drop it.

space pipe2As far as pricing goes, these pipes are a bit on the pricier side of things, ranging from $25 sale pipes, all the way up to $100 Sherlock style pipes. The pendants in the shop range from $45 up to $150. spacepipe3



Danny’s Instagram account is also totally fire (I had to throw in a glass blowing/torch pun in there somewhere!) and has photos of his many gorgeous  pieces, as well as pictures and videos of pieces that he has collaborated on with other glassblowing artists!

To go visit Danny’s shop and his Instagram, just follow the links below.

Danny B. Glass Online Shop
Danny B. Glass on Instagram

I want to thank Danny for sending me this pipe to review for you guys. It’s made with much care and many positive vibes, and I’m loving having it in my collection.

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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤




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