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Mickey Ears Fit For A Princess


Mickey Mouse ears have become increasingly popular over the years for Disney lovers of all ages, and have become increasingly detailed and works of wearable Disney art!
I recently was sent this beautiful pair of ears for review from the online shop KiKiPuaHair, which makes these gorgeous floral, wire Mickey Ears.



These Rapunzel inspired ears are chock full of magical, purple, floral goodness with faux flowers adorning a sturdy headband, and a little butterfly clip attached to the left ear. These ears really remind me of the floral maidens at Walt Disney World’s Festival of Fantasy parade!
(Note: The Floral Maidens dance around Rapunzel’s float in the parade!)
Image result for floral maiden walt disney worldPC: Good ole Pinterest.

The ears themselves are made out of copper colored wire.
The wire is lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh the headband down at all.
The wire is easy to manipulate, so just be careful when adjusting the ears or packing them in a suitcase for a trip, as you might bend them a little bit.


The ears are anchored to a headband which fits very snugly to my head, and I’m not at all concerned about the ears falling off.


These ears are fairly pricey, ranging from $35.00 all the way up to $60.00, but with the craftsmanship of these ears, the cost is worth it. You can even tell that the flowers are higher end craft-store silk flowers and not the cheap fake looking ones from Dollar Tree or Dollar General.



The shop has several beautiful pairs of Mickey Ears, including a Star Wars themed pair that has two crossed (glow in the dark!) lightsabers on it, as well as the headband being encrusted with rhinestones.
The level of detail that can be seen in each pair of ears is spectacular.

To go see the shop’s selection of ears, go visit the link below.

KiKiPua Hair Online Shop

A huge thank you to the shop’s owner, Ashley for sending me these beautiful ears to review and share with you guys!
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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
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