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Dilly Duds Review

Summertime means shorts.
I recently got three pairs of handmade shorts, a skirt and a pair of leggings from the shop DillyDuds.
This is going to be a longer review, so sit down, grab something to eat or drink and let’s dive in!
I do plan on doing some Outfit Of The Day posts soon on here so that you can get more views of the items that I’ll be talking about in today’s post.

Run by Tina Shorthouse, this shop is filled to the brim with handsewn spandex shorts, leggings and skirts that are perfect for cosplay costumes, raves, working out, or just wearing everyday.

**Disclaimer–these items were sent to me in exchange for my honest opinion and review!**

shorts on line 2

Many of the shorts and leggings in her shop are DC Comics themed and are perfect for cosplay costumes. I received a pair of Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad version) shorts, and Joker themed leggings and shorts. DC Comics Harley Quinn Joker shorts leggings Etsy shop fashion review

clothesline shorts leggings skirt DC Comics Joker Harley Quinn Wonderwoman summer Etsy shop product review

The shorts are booty shorts with a mid rise waistline.
The spandex is very soft, and does not cut into my waist at all, leaving those awkward red lines from too-tight clothes.
These are fitted, but not to the point where they are uncomfortable.
Part of the reason for this is because Tina made sure to get my exact measurements, and her site has an excellent sizing chart just in case you are unsure of what size to purchase.

The Joker leggings are so fun. They’re extremely bright with a high sparkle factor, so I suggest pairing them with a plain black or white top if you’re going to be wearing them out, so that they can be the focal point of your outfit. (This tip actually goes for all of these items.) They are a tad on the long side in the legs, but other than that, they fit fine.

Joker DC Comics sparkle glitter leggings purple green Mardi Gras Etsy shop product fashion review

The Patriotic skirt is going to be very fun to wear for the 4th of July next month! I also plan on wearing a chunky gold belt over it and using it as a Wonder Woman cosplay skirt.
This skirt is very soft and lightweight, which makes it perfect for summer.

Wonderwoman stars and stripes red white and blue skater skirt Dilly Duds Etsy shop review product

The shop also sells solid colored fabric shorts if you aren’t looking for DC Comics themed shorts. (They also have…MERMAID SCALE SHORTS!!!)
I got this pair of silver crackle fabric booty shorts, which are so holographic that they sparkle rainbow colors when I wear them outside.

dilly duds shorts silverIMG_20170602_174052_255[1]

All of the shorts can also be purchased in different colors, and Tina sent me some fabric swatches so that I can show you all the sparkly options.

Here are some of the options for the crackle fabric. fabric options2

The plain spandex material that my Harley Quinn shorts were made from are also available in gold, gunmetal, and silver,

fabric options3

And finally the shiny holographic fabric options…

fabric options1

One thing also to keep in mind is that on Tina’s site, she has a variety of patterned fabrics to choose from, such as butterfly print, neon paint splatter, animal print, or tie dye.
Tina is also willing to help you create a custom pair of shorts, leggings, or skirts just to your liking. On her Etsy shop, she has in the info bar under each item the following message “I CAN CUSTOM MAKE MANY DIFFERENT STYLES IN ALL SIZES:
Leotards, Capris, Leggings, Shorts, Tops, Headbands, Mitts….
Let your imagination run WILD!” So if you don’t see something that’s exactly right, drop her a message! The communications I had with her were great. She was fast to respond and very kind and helpful!
The shop can be found on Etsy, Amazon AND their personal website too!

So here is the final rundown and my ratings.

Quality of the product: 5 Stars
Communication with shop owner: 5 Stars
Customization options: 5 Stars
Shopping options (Etsy shop, Amazon shop etc.) 5 Stars
Shop Selection: 5 Stars

All in all, there is a reason that this shop has over 900 5 Star reviews on Etsy! It is a great shop, with wonderful products, and a great owner!
You will definitely be seeing more photos this summer of me wearing these shorts!

Where to find Dilly Duds online!
Dilly Duds on Etsy
Dilly Duds on Amazon
DillyDuds Facebook

I hope that you all enjoyed this post and will go check out Tina’s shop.
Also a HUGE thank you to Tina for her generosity.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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