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Easy Hairstyles with The Hair Thing

Prom (also affectionately referred to as PRAHHMMM) season is officially upon us.

That means fancy dresses, fancy jewelry, fancy makeup and fancy hair.
A lot of people I’ve seen have been wearing messy buns that are adorned with a sparkly ornament. The tricky thing about this hairstyle is making it so that it lasts.
I recently was sent a nifty little item that claims to make “big, messy buns.”

Behold The Hair Thing.
No really, that’s what it’s called.

This little spherical doohickey retails on the company website for $12.00 and comes with several hair ties.
It may look strange, but it really has helped me create some sturdy messy buns.

The hardest thing about The Hair Thing is figuring out how it works.
On their website, the company provides multiple tutorials on how to use The Hair Thing.
I’m going to link the twisted bun tutorial HERE

Here’s my rundown of how to use this item.
You start with a small section of hair where you want your bun to be formed, you clip on The Hair Thing around that small section of hair and then cover it with the rest of your hair. From there, you put on a hair tie and secure your hair into the groove in The Hair Thing (you’ll feel the indentation where the hair tie will go.)
From there, you just wrap your loose ends up and around and secure them with bobby pins or another hair tie.

The company also sent me their The Hair Thing Poof (retails for $14), which is the exact same item as the one shown above, except it has a mesh hair donut glued onto it for extra volume.
I actually prefer using that one for my day to day buns, because I feel as though I don’t have to worry about shaping my bun so much, because it’s done for me.

It took me quite a long time to figure out how to use this, and all of the tutorial videos were very helpful. The only issue that I encountered, is that my hair cannot be snarly in any way shape or form, or it will get tangled in The Hair Thing.

Finally, I was sent some bling for my bun.
This blingy piece is on a clear stretchy plastic cord that you wrap around your bun to dress it up and retails for $8.
There are also several ones to choose from to fit your style.

I set my hair jewel slightly off-center.
This really would make a wonderful choice for a prom updo.

If you are interested in seeing more from this company, go check out their website which I will link below, along with their social media sites.

The Hair Thing Website
The Hair Thing Tutorials
The Hair Thing Instagram
The Hair Thing Facebook

If you do get one of these little guys, don’t get frustrated! The learning curve can be hard to get past, but once you do, it’s a cool hair accessory to have on hand.
I want to thank The Hair Thing for sending me out their product for me to test out and review on my blog and hope that you all will go check them out.
Also don’t forget to LIKE this post and follow my blog if you haven’t already done so.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

**These items were sent to me in return for an honest review and all opinions are my own!**

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