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Shirts for the Vogue Princess from the Dark Side

Happy Sunday Funday to all my lovely readers!
First things first, where in the world have I been?! Under what rock have I been hiding?! Well, to answer that question, I’ve been hiding under the rock of life called WORK. I work at a garden center, and with it being springtime, sales are exploding left right and center, and my schedule has been out of control, so I haven’t had the time to sit down and blog.
Thankfully, I got a break today and was able to get this post (which is WAY overdue) up for you guys.
Let’s get started…

I received two tee shirts from the online shop The Fashionable Mouse. This company makes a huge variety of Disney design (and some Harry Potter) tee shirts, and when I say a huge variety, I mean over 300 designs.

The first shirt that I chose was a Disney Vogue tee with five of the Princesses on it, in the style of fashion design sketches.
You can choose to have the shirt say either VOGUE or DISNEY across the top.

I really love this shirt since I’m a lover of fashion as well as a big Disney Nerd!
My friends always ask me which of the princesses on the shirt is my favorite, and I think that Snow White is my favorite!

The second tee shirt that I got was this Dark Side tee! I usually wear this with a pair of shorts that I have that have Star Wars fabric on the back pockets.
This wouldn’t be a real shirt from the Dark Side if it didn’t have the Death Star and Darth Vader on it! Of the two shirts, this one might be my favorite…maybe… 😉

The fit of these shirts is great. It’s not too tight, and it isn’t too boxy either.
You can also get the various designs on children’s sized shirts, men’s sized shirts, women’s tees and tanks, as well as itty bitty baby onesies. This is especially ideal for family/group shirts. You know the ones… they say things like “JONES FAMILY DISNEY VACATION 2017” on them and all match and have a cute design on them.
This shop also carries a wide selection of those types of shirts too!
These shirts are very affordable, so they are a fabulous value for anyone who wants a quality Disney tee, but doesn’t want to pay a small fortune.

If you are interested in seeing everything that this wonderful shop has to offer just follow the link below. I’ll also include a link to their Facebook page.

TheFashionableMouse online shop
TheFashionableMouse Facebook Page

A big thank you to TheFashionableMouse for letting me review your products on my blog, and for making shirts that add a little Disney magic to people’s lives!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤



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