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Princess Style Purse

Nothing is better than finding really cute and practical items that you want to use, and know that you will get good use out of.
It’s even better when the item is Disney themed.
There’s nothing more fun than being a Disney geek!
I recently received a few fun goodies from the online shop SewLakeTahoe on Etsy, and was so excited to get to review their work.
With over 500 five star reviews, over 1,000 sales, and a huge variety of beautifully handcrafted items, it’s no wonder that this shop is as popular as it is.
These items were sent to me for free for review, and all opinions are my own.

So let’s talk about what I got!
I got one of the company’s signature minimalist purses, which came with both a cross-body strap and a wristlet strap, so that it can be worn both ways! I have been using the wristlet strap the most, but if I were to be out and about at a ComicCon event, I would most definitely opt for the cross-body strap for extra security.
The purse is made from Little Mermaid fabric that features my favorite Disney Princess, Ariel, as well as her best friend Flounder, and you can see Ursula peeking around on the left-hand side.


If you have seen my Instagram account, you will know that I have been working on a Hipster Ariel Cosplay costume for a little while now, and I think that this purse will be perfect to have when I go to Comic Con in Baltimore later this year!


As far as size goes, this purse measures in at 8 long and 5 inches wide.

The bag has a back-side vinyl slot for ID or business cards with a snap closure.
On the side is a zippered pocket with a credit card slot on the inside. I use this pocket for storing my cash and debit card.
Then on the very top of the purse, there is a large section that is closed with a magnetic snap to keep your phone safe on the inside.
I can fit my phone, as well as a tube of lip gloss in this compartment.
The wristlet strap is 7 inches, and the cross-body strap can be adjusted to whatever length you would like.

A matching mini wallet was included as well and it has Sebastian on it!a62ec20e-b584-453e-9186-85191df6f9e5

This wallet has a clear vinyl ID slot, as well as slot behind it for cash, or a car key.
This little wallet also comes with a clasp so you can clip it to your purse or a lanyard or even clip your keys to it.6da86843-5970-40c8-ad19-af33dcbd7df4

You can also clip the mini wallet to the purse.c0e2db84-0575-4a0a-a2a2-a868f3fe2ccb

The final item that I got in this set was a precious little Swarovski crystal charm to clip to my purse, and was created by the shop’s sibling company, TahoeElementsJewelry, which makes beautiful Swarovski necklaces and earrings.
It’s created in colors to match the Princess on the purse and you can get one to match whichever Princess or character that is on your purse’s fabric.
I’ve seen this done on their Instagram account to include one to match a Wonder Woman purse.

Speaking of Wonder Woman–if you don’t like Disney Princesses, there are a wide variety of fabrics to pick from with different movie characters, like Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Disney Villans, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Marvel, Star Wars, and even abstract designs, like floral and paisley prints, and any fabric can be applied to any of their items if you don’t see the item you want with a fabric that you like.

If you were at all curious about pricing for the items in the shop, the cross-body bags range between $30-$37 and the mini wallets range in price between $8-$12.
The shop also sells little coin purses too, and they are priced at $13.
You can also upgrade your strap for $2 to a color of your choice!
I also want to point out that the shipping was very fast, even though they had just been slammed with a huge order!

If you want to get your hands on any of these items just check out the links below!

Sew Lake Tahoe Online Shop   •    Ariel CrossBody Purse    Ariel Mini Wallet

Sew Lake Tahoe Instagram •  Sew Lake Tahoe Facebook   
Tahoe Elements Jewelry

I want to extend a huge thank you to Andrew for the opportunity to get to review these lovely items!
I love them so much and I hope that everyone else will love them as much as I do.

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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

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