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Shirts For The Quirky Side Of The Closet

I will always be that person who loves to wear shirts with odd, cute designs printed on them. That’s what you would see if you took a look inside of my closet.
Lots and lots and lots of tee shirts with funny images on them.

I recently was sent two cute shirts to review from the online shop TheSpottedBeard which you can find on Etsy.
This is a fairly new online shop that has been making cute shirts since last year, and so far have had great success, gaining nothing but 5 star reviews!

The two shirts that I got are seriously my style–both with cute and quirky images on them. The first one that we will take a look at is this narwhal tank top.

I love narwhals. They’re just so cute and almost comical.
This tee shirt pays homage to that fantastical horn that they have, calling it a Unicorn of the Sea (I keep thinking Chicken Of The Sea…like the Tuna…but we’re getting off track.) This was just too hilarious to me, and I still can’t help but chuckle whenever I put this on.
The fit is pretty relaxed, and it requires that you wear some kind of tank top under it, because the fabric is pretty thin, but it is also very soft material so it’s gonna be perfect for wearing this summer when it gets super hot out!
However the image is printed in bright teal, and stands out nicely AND (drum roll PLEASE!) IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!
This feature really confused me at first, because I was lying in bed one night and it was hanging on a hanger by my dresser, and there was that narwhal glowing, and I genuinely was wondering if I was imagining it or not.
Turns out I wasn’t.
That’s just too awesome. I Have neve

Up next is a shirt with the laziest animals on it, for those of us who appreciate a really lazy day and want to be super comfy.
I know that I would want to carry a sloth around in my pocket, and now I can do that.

I have a fondness for sloths. They’re just too cute, and too lazy, and they do make noises, which sound like really cute little squeaks. It’s seriously a thing that they do, and it’s seriously adorable.
So here’s the deal about this shirt.
It’s a unisex tee, so it’s a little big and boxy on me, but that’s fine with me, because it comes down nice and long, and I like to wear it with leggings.
It makes me feel extra cozy and lazy.
The shirt is a charcoal color, which is a nice break from the traditional black tee shirt, and the little sloth is peeking out happily from the front pocket.

So all in all, I love these shirts.
They’re comfortable, they’re positively adorable, and they’re perfect for someone with a quirky sense of style!

To find these shirts, go check out TheSpottedBeard on their Etsy shop.




So if you’re looking for some cute tee shirts to wear, you should check out this shop!

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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❀ XOXO ❀


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