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Fabulously Fierce Friday Nails

I’m a SSMP.
That means that I’m a Serial Snapchat Manicure Poster.
Every single time I get a new set of nails, Snapchat sees it first.
I’m just blessing my friends with photos of my awesome looking nails.
These last few weeks, everyone has been seeing photos of some pretty uber snazzy nails that I’ve been rocking from BeautyByEliB.
I got three sets of handcrafted nails for me to wear, and I have been wearing them, and photographing them, and loving them.

This post is wayyyy long overdue. I’ve caught every cold that has come down the pike, and then on Wednesday, the one car that my Mom and I share decided it didn’t want to work…so it’s been in the shop…which has made life a lot harder than it needs to be…but now it’s time for a new blog post!!!

Let’s talk about these beautiful nails!

I don’t usually wear super long nails, because my job requires that I work with my hands lifting heavy objects, and dealing with dirt, so I usually forgo having nice nails on because of that. Since I’ve been off work for a little while for the down season, I’ve been wearing long glitzy nails knowing that they’ll hold up and will cheer me up too in these dull, gloomy winter months.

I was sent three sets of nails, and all of these were hand decorated.
There was a pink coffin shaped set with rhinestone detailing on the fourth finger, a plain square gold set, and then a bright gold glitter set that was also a coffin set, and easily rivaled the WOW factor of the pink set with a very cool accent nail (there were actually two different accent nails to choose from in both the gold and pink coffin sets). According to the shop’s owner, the coffin nails are estimated about a $15 value, while the plain squoval set is valued at about $6.

The nail design can be done on various nail shapes.
Don’t like coffin nails? You can choose stiletto, or pointy stiletto, or almond, or round. You can also choose to have a gloss or a matte finish to your nails.
You can also choose nail sizes, like small regular or wide, depending on your nail size.
The possibilities are infinite.img_0608

To go check out this shop, just follow the link below.

BeautyByEliB Online Shop

These nails have been great fun to wear, and held up really well. Folks keep complementing me on them whenever I have them on, and I can’t stop staring at them as they sparkle and shine on my fingers! If you are in the market for some fun, fresh, unique nails, go check out this shop.

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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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