Home Sweet Home Sweet Maryland

Maryland is one of those states that has a little bit of everything.
We have beaches, rivers, an awesome Bay, forests, valleys, farmland, and some mountains. The only thing we don’t have is desert, but that’s not that big of a deal.
I’ve lived in this state my entire life, and love it dearly.

I’m very excited to get to review a gorgeous item from a Maryland based company called PlakThat Printing Co.
This company sells wooden plaques that can have any image printed on them.

I got this beautiful Maryland flag wooden print.
It is currently hanging on my bedroom wall with my high school graduation tassel accompanying it.

This particular piece is 10.5″X6.75″ and is on planked wood so it’s very sturdy.
You can also choose to have your item printed up on plywood if you do not like the lines running through the image, and prefer a single, smooth look to your piece.

There are numerous designs that you can purchase, or you can get creative, and upload your own photo on the website, and then select a board size, and have it custom made for you. I’m personally considering ordering a second one for my room at some point, with a photo that I have taken printed on it.

All of the wood that is used is 100% certified sustainable wood.
All of the images are UV bonded onto the wood, and I love how bright the colors of the image turned out. Also, the finish on the wood is extremely smooth and glossy.

I love to be able to review shops that are from Maryland, and I really love the items that this shop has to offer. It’s perfect for anyone who is looking for a really unique piece of art for their house, or are looking to find the perfect present for a family member, or a newly married couple.

Where to find PlakThat Printing Co.

PlakThat on Instagram

PlakThat on Facebook

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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