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Nails Fit For A Queen

I love wearing fake nails. My own nails just don’t grow fast enough for my taste, plus I can’t have the wild and crazy shapes like stiletto or coffin shaped nails with my natural nails.
These past few days I’ve been rocking a crazy fun set of nails from NailsForQueensNYC. img_0751

This set is a coffin shaped set with hot pink gradient to deep purple with my favorite coating of all time–GLITTER! And lots of it!
The nails are also on the thicker side of things, so they’re very sturdy and haven’t cracked or broken.

Fierce ombré pink purple glitter nails

The shops owner made sure to get my exact nail measurement so that my nails would fit perfectly and they do. This is the first time that I haven’t had to file the edges of a set of nails to get them to fit my teeny nails, and it was so exciting!
My mom even commented that they looked perfect and were her favorite set that she has seen me wear. 

These nails were packaged in a cute little box and were neatly laid out in size order, so there was no guessing at which nail should fit on which finger.

This shop sells wild designed nails from glossy bright red claws that are coated in rhinestones, to blue fishnet hand painted designs, to extra long holographic silver stiletto nails to some active oval shaped nails.

Glossy Lipstick Red Stiletto Press On Nails With Swarovski Crystal Accents | Bling Nails | Fake Nails | False Nails | Drag Queen Nails
Photo is by NailsForQueensNYC please do not use without permission!


Photo by NailsForQueensNYC Please don’t use without permission

These nails are loved by Drag Queens and those of us who just want to feel like total royalty and dream big!

Photo by NailsForQueensNYC Please do not use without permission!


The shop’s owner, Hannah, is very open to collaborating with her customers, and creating a set of nails that is 100% their style.
The options are endless and each pair is created with an eye for detail and lots of love.

If you are interested in getting a set for yourself, here is the link to the shop!
Link to Nails For Queens NYC Shop

NailsForQueensNYC Instagram

NailsForQueensNYC Facebook

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