Organization With Sparkle

As a Libra, I’m always striving for things to be perfect.
While I love for things to be nicely organized, I have a special knack for having things be messy and unorganized. It’s a constant back and forth struggle, but thankfully, certain items can really help me keep things all together in a neat manner.

For example, my makeup drawers. They were somewhat organized, but not really.
My lip products were all thrown into one section of my drawer all together, and I had to dig through them to find specific ones.
Then I got a set of lipsticks that all had the same packaging, and the names of the lipsticks were on the bottom of each tube.
I needed a way to easily display them upside down so that I could see which shade I was picking up when I was doing my makeup.

Cue the ever-so-glittery acrylic lipstick holder from Armelle Organizers.

This organizer is perfect for me.
As you can see, I have those purple tubes all lined up with the bottom labels showing, so identifying the right shade isn’t a huge struggle.
This has made my morning makeup routine so much easier!

The organizer has 40 spaces (5 tiers) in it so you can keep your lipsticks, lip glosses, small nail polish bottles, chapsticks, small tubes of face creams or liquid highlighters, the list of things that you can put in it just goes on and on.

If you doubt the sparkle factor of this organizer, here’s a close-up of the glitter that is actually mixed in with the acrylic.
It’s seriously packed in there!

As you can see, I’ve got mine somewhat organized.
I’m still playing with the layout of the items that I put in my organizer. I’ve got all my lipsticks on the left, my NYX Butter lipsticks on the right, and then in the middles, I’m playing with some lip balms, mini nail polishes, tiny brushes, an eyeshadow primer, and a roller ball perfume.
I also photographed this same angle with and without the flash on my camera to show off those sparkles again!

If you don’t like silver glitter, the shop also has the same organizer in gold glitter!
These sell for $25, and every single review on the shop’s page is a positive five star review! And who can blame the folks?
This organizer is gorgeous, it holds the perfect amount of makeup, and it doesn’t take up much space either on your counter or vanity!
It is the perfect organizer for those of us who love bling, and having our makeup at our fingertips in an organized fashion.
(My Mom has been eyeing it since I got it in the mail…)

Wanna snag your own glitter organizer from Armelle Organizers?
Here’s the link to their shop!

Also, go check out their Instagram account!
ArmelleOrganizers On Instagram

I hope that if you are looking to organize your makeup, that you’ll check out this shop. I know that my organizer is helping me considerably keep my makeup all together in one place, and it adds a pretty bright spot to my bathroom!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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