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Lipsticks Made For Perfection 

About a year ago I did a review for a new makeup company based out of Canada called Serpentine Beauty.
(Here is the link to that review if you haven’t read it, or want a refresher!)

Since the time I wrote that review, the company has grown by leaps and bounds.
Their lip glazes have been used by the WWE Divas. This is a huge deal in my opinion, because I used to watch WWE wrestling all the time as a teenager, and now I’m in awe that I’m working with a company that is frequently featured by the WWE and has products that I wear, that are also worn by some of the WWE Divas I watched on TV growing up.
Folks love this company’s products, plain and simple.

But now Serpentine Beauty has something new for everyone to love and enjoy.
LIPSTICKS!!!! I’m loving the packaging of these! In order to open the tube, you have to press a button on one end of the tube, and that ejects that section that contains the lipstick. This is great because it prevents the lid from falling off if you are carrying it in your purse. Nobody wants to find lipstick all inside of their purse. Trust me. That’s gross.

Below are three photos of some of their lipsticks….

Now, time for some details about these new lipsticks.
There are nine colors to choose from–four nude shades, one orange shade, one brighter pink shade, and three red shades. The company’s owner sent me a list of the colors with a description about each shade, which I will now share with you guys.  

Cheeky Minx- a creamy pink with a touch of coral
Nude Awakening- a light neutral, beige nude
Pirouette- a pale soft peachy nude
Vanity- a creamy neutral pinky-rose

Koukla – a creamy light pink with blue undertone
Whiplash- a creamy bright orange
Code Red- a drop dead true red
Red Viper- a bright cherry tomato red
Red Reaper- a deep dramatic red, oxblood red

Like their lip glazes, these lipsticks smell like vanilla cupcakes.
I will never get over how awesome that is.

These apply nice and smooth and evenly with no streaking and a velvet finish.
This is a full-coverage lipstick, so one application is all you’ll need.
A lip liner will help keep it from fading out into any fine lines that you might have hiding around your lips.
For extra shine, I like to top mine off with a plain, clear lip gloss!

Of all the shades, my favorites are Cheeky Minx , and Red Reaper.
Red Reaper is such a gorgeous color, and I usually look awful with red lipstick, but this shade works perfectly for me.

Here I am wearing both shades!

Cheeky Minx


Red Reaper


Which shade is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

This company is just amazing, and I would recommend their lipsticks to anyone who is looking for a good cruelty-free and gluten free lipstick!

Where to find Serpentine Beauty!

Their Website

A big thank you to Serpentine Beauty for choosing me to review their new lipsticks! Thanks for sticking with me and for working with me and for making such awesome products! I couldn’t live without my lip glazes, and now I’m hooked on your lipsticks as well! You guys are amazing.

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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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