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Oh Whale-Preppy Stickers With Summer Vibes!

Winter is a really bleak month where folks like to sit and dream of summertime and all the fun that comes with summer. For me, summer makes me think of time out and about in Annapolis and Edgewater, exploring by the water and photographing scene after scene of boats in the water and the small sandy beaches that scatter the river and the Bay. It’s awesome and during the winter months, I miss it.

The preppiness of the area in which I live is a part of my everyday life.
I was fortunate enough to get to review a set of preppy whale stickers from the online shop MorgansSunshineShop.
This shop sells adorable preppy stickers as well as political stickers!
Based in the sunny state of Florida, these stickers add instant happiness to any notebook, laptop, or, in my case, bedroom door.

I got five Lilly Pulitzer style whales, which are handcrafted.
They are a tad over 2×4 inches.
One thing to note is that they should not get wet because they’re paper stickers–not vinyl, but aside from that, you can put them on pretty much anything as long as they stay dry!

As you can see, the five designs to choose from are pink floral on blue background, a turquoise, pink and green coral designs, a pink, orange and yellow citrus slice design, and then two boat designs!
I decided to add in two close-up photos you can see the whales in better detail!

I think that my favorite whale is either the floral print whale, or the coral reef whale….
Leave me a comment below and let me know which whale is your favorite!
Please take a second to go check out MorgansSunshineShop and pick yourself up some cute stickers!

Also go check out Morgan’s Instagram account too so you can keep up with all of her fun life adventures! (Seriously this chick’s IG photos are amazing! I’m so jealous!)
Morgan’s Instagram Account can be found HERE

A huge thank you to Morgan! I love my whales!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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