Grim Bath Products–in A Good Way!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the recent video of me dropping a purple and pink bath bomb into my tub.
This cute bath bomb was the Unicorn Queen bath bomb from the Etsy shop Grim Fairy Apothecary. This shop carries some of the cutest (and grimmest) bath products that you can find online! From skull shaped soaps and mini bath bombs, to pure jet black bath bombs, this shop is perfect for those of us who want great bath products, and want to take a walk on the edgy wild side.

In this post, I’ll go over the products I got from the shop’s Boss Fairy, Allisee, and let you guys know prices of these items, and which ones were my personal favorites!
So let’s get started!

First item I want to write about is the Unicorn Queen bath bomb.
This bath bomb retails for $8, and is a cotton candy, lemon, and lavender scented bath bomb that is chock full of essential oils, coconut oil, epsom salts, glitter (because in order to be Unicorn themed, glitter is a MUST!) and powdered milk. The powdered milk may seem odd, but it really helps combat dry skin!

Below I have added in the video of my demo of this bath bomb!
It turned the water a gorgeous purple shade with white and pink foam on top.
My bath bomb got stuck in the corner of my tub while I was trying to film it, but I did get this footage! (By the way, I’m SO EXCITED that I can finally add video to my blog posts!)

My skin felt so soft and moisturized after I got out of the bath, and I had a fairy-like coating of glitter on my arms and legs too! There was a little glitter residue in the tub but I just wiped that out easily with a damp rag. Easy peasy, and my tub looks just like it always does!

Next up is the Valentines Day set. This set is called the My Bloody Valentine set and it sells for $20.
This set includes 4 mini soaps, and three mini bath bombs.

The little fang soap and purple lips soaps can be bought by themselves for $5 as the LOVE BITE mini soap set (Until the 8th of February!)
These little soaps are blood orange, rose and vanilla scented and contain essential oils and shea butter to keep your hands nice and smooth!

The three mini bath bombs and soaps are chocolate and strawberry scented and can either be purchased in this set, or in the Love Potion No. 5 set, where you can get 2 mini soaps and three bath bombs for $14 (these will be available until the 1st of March) or you can buy 2 mini Love Potion No. 5 soaps or 3 mini Love Potion No. 5 bath bombs for just $8.
The soaps have raw organic chocolate bits and a resin heart imbedded inside of them!
The bath bombs are said to be SLOW MELTING, and they are indeed. I tossed one into my bath the other night and watched it slowly dissolve away. It took its sweet old time until I finally decided to help it along and held it under some running water. It turned my water a nice pale reddish pink shade.
These little guys have coconut, grapeseed, and almond oil mixed in for a super moisturizing bath.

I also got a teeny little tester sample of the Cemetery Tea Party soap.
This soap has vanilla, and lavender essential oils in it, as well as earl grey tea, which adds a completely different level to the scent.
The full-sized soap is shaped like a tombstone, and sells for $6 each.


Finally there’s the Bitchcraft bundle.
This bundle sells for $20, and includes one full sized jack-o-lantern shaped soap, one bag filled with black Epsom salts, and a full size black bath bomb. These soaps smell like apple and vanilla.

Let’s start with the soap. Yes, it’s black. Yes, the suds it creates are dark grey. NO it does not turn your skin black! No staining! I was scared about that at first, but thankfully any color in the suds washes away with the suds. I feel as though when I use this soap, I’m getting really clean, because it leaves my skin feeling squeaky and fresh.

The Epsom salts you do have to be careful with. I did get some black residue on my hands while I was putting it into my dish that I soak my feet in (pedicure nights require feet soaking!) but it did not stain my skin once it was in the water and was thoroughly dissolved.

Now onto the black Bitchcraft bathbomb.
Black bath bombs have been taking over everywhere since the first one was released last year, and now everyone wants to get their hands on a black bath bomb that won’t stain their tub.
This bath bomb turns the water a beautiful pitch black….and the best part is, it doesn’t stain, which is a big concern for many people.
There is some residue left over, but all you have to do is take a damp rag and wipe it away!

I think it’s safe to say that these things turn your water BLACK. Look at my pale ghostly hand reaching out of the water like the hand of the Lady Of The Lake holding the sword Excalibur….Image result for lady of the lake arm with swordI was also given a nice coating of glitter upon my exit from the bath!
If you just want to buy the bath bomb, they are sold on their own for $8.
I found this bath bomb to be incredibly fun and creepy and would recommend it for anyone who wants to feel dark and moody while moisturizing their skin! It’s a win-win situation!

So I hope you all will go check out Grim Fairy Apothecary.
If you use the code ‘Grimfairy’ at checkout, you can get 10% off your order!
Here are the links to the shop, as well as the shop’s Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Grim Fairy Apothecary Etsy Shop

Grim Fairy Apothecary on Facebook

Grim Fairy Apothecary on Instagram

Feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you think of these products!
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Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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