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Adept Cosmetics–New Makeup Company Review

Whenever a new makeup company enters the makeup scene, I’m always excited.
New makeup companies are a great thing for the beauty industry–for bloggers, Instagramers, makeup artists, as well as the everyday person who just loves makeup. They provide a breath of fresh air in an industry that is overwhelmed with the big brand name companies like Urban Decay, MAC, TooFaced, and many other companies who have a monopoly in the makeup world and offer their products at prices that aren’t easily afforded by everyone.

I was sent some items for review by the new, up-and-coming company Adept Cosmetics, and I am very excited to tell you guys what I think about the makeup I got to test out. I was sent their two eyeshadow palettes, their lip gloss set, and their large pro magnetic palette.

Let’s start with the magnetic palette.
This is a very big palette (9 X 7 X 1 inches), and it will hold a lot of makeup.
It’s a pretty blue color with the company logo on both sides of the palette.
It has a clear plastic divider on the inside, so that it will keep the two sides from having any fall out onto each other. I think this is a great idea, because one side can be for face powders (blushes, highlighters, bronzers etc.) and the other side can be for eyeshadows. This palette is sold on their site for $26.
I did some research on the much-talked about Z Palette, which retails for $20 online, only to find that the largest Z Palette is a good 2 inches smaller, and only has one magnetic side, instead of two.
While this is a sturdy palette, mine was no match for my maillady. When she dropped it off on my stoop, I watched her just DROP it. Not place it down gently–no. She DROPPED it without a second care in the world. I went to rescue my palette to find that the corner she had dropped it on had cracked. This is why I hate my mail lady.
The palette still opens and closes perfectly fine, but I wouldn’t suggest that you go and toss yours around willy-nilly.

I have yet to actually fill up my palette, as I don’t really have much eyeshadow that I want to depot from it’s main palette, but I know that I do have a couple loose eyeshadow singles floating around that I will put in this palette in good time.

Now onto the eyeshadow palettes.
These had some big claims to live up to.
These are the 4K Stay All Day Eyeshadows, and there are two palettes to choose from.
Each palette retails for $16, comes with eight gorgeous colors and a built in mirror inside the palette, and has an adorable image of two vintage ladies applying makeup on the front. The company says that these shadows have 16 hour wear, are sweat and water resistant, and will smooth your eyelids. 
Palette One is a bright and colorful mix of colors, from a bright mermaid turquoise shade, to an elegant muted, matte red/brown shade.
My two favorite colors in this palette are the mermaid green (top row second from left) and the lilac purple (bottom row, second from left.)

Palette Two is a neutral/ rose gold palette.
I really love the rose gold shade (top row 2nd from right) and the white shimmer shadow (top row far left)  best out of this palette.

So the big question is, did all the claims the company makes turn out to be true?
I’ve been playing around with these shadows since I got them and while I have not kept them on for 16 hours straight, I will say that in the time I have kept them on during one of my work days, it has stayed on perfectly without any creasing (eyeshadow creasing is probably one of my biggest makeup pet peeves.)
I have also noticed that they are water resistant. My left eye likes to act up and water a lot sometimes, and I was quite happy to see that after it had watered up, my eyeshadow had not budged. It was a very pleasant surprise.
I have to use cold cream to get them off at night, since they won’t just wash off.
These are very pigmented eyeshadows (if I want them to be even darker, I’ll put them on overtop of an eyeshadow primer, but that isn’t really necessary.)
I’d expect MAC to have this kind of pigmentation and lasting power–but let’s be honest, why pay $16 for ONE MAC eyeshadow when you can buy EIGHT shadows that are just as good, if not better, for the exact same price!

Finally we have the lip gloss set.
This set retails for $20 and includes four beautiful and pigmented lip glosses. The website says that these lip glosses last up to eight hours and will make it through eating.

But did it?

Yes. It did. Sure a little color came off, but you could still see a LOT of the color after I had come home from work and had finished eating dinner. I was so impressed.
When I did the swatches for these, the red lip gloss (1949) stayed on the back of my wrist for two days, even though it faded AND I had rubbed it off with a tissue.

I definitely like to use the shade Nudist Colony the most, because I love pink shades.

img_0360I’m wearing Nudist Colony in both of these photos, and in the bottom photo, I was wearing the lilac shadow from Palette One, with the brown shadow from Palette One in my crease. tempimageforsave

These glosses are fragrance free, creamy, hypoallergenic, and not tested on animals!
As of right now, they do not offer the lip glosses for sale in anything except a set of four, but when you consider that some companies are selling their single lip glosses for $20, a set of four lip glosses for $20 just makes sense.

So far, this brand is amazing, and I can’t wait to see what new products they create in the future!
Definitely go check out their website and social media accounts too to see what they’re up to!

Adept Cosmetics Website
Adept Cosmetics on Facebook

Adept Cosmetics on Instagram

Adept Cosmetics on Youtube

Thank you all so much for reading my blog, and for taking a moment to read this post.
I hope you all have found a new makeup company to try out, and love for life!
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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤



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