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I Paid $9 For A Sandwich–Was It Worth It?!

Downtown Annapolis Maryland is my favorite town in the entire state of Maryland. It’s got quaint shops and bars and restaurants and beautiful homes and historic landmarks galore. Sure the traffic sucks and there are way too many one way streets BUT it’s still amazing.

A good friend of mine went with me to Annapolis a few weeks ago…we couldn’t find parking in town so we drove on over to Eastport and had to walk across the drawbridge in 20 something degree weather to get into town. After awhile, I was cold, hungry, crabby, and ready to pay almost any amount of money to get some food on the go.
So we stopped in at The Big Cheese.
It’s a local food joint that’s been in Annapolis for as long as I can remember, and they carry, you guessed it–cheese. And wines to pair with the cheese. They also serve up sandwiches that include–you guessed it–cheese.

The menu is rather daunting to look at. The lady who owns the shop recommended the award winning Annapolitan sandwich.
This sandwich has turkey breast, melted brie, honey mustard and granny smith apples on whole wheat bread.
By this point I was too hungry to really care about how much I was going to be shelling out for this sandwich and paid $8 and some amount of cents that rounded the total up to $9…
So the sandwich was handed to me in a plain paper bag which was nice and warm. I figured I could make the walk back to the car in Eastport, but my friend made a fast restroom stop at the fancy Annapolis hotel….while in the really fancy bathroom, I opened the bag and ate half of the sandwich…CLASSY BEHAVIOR.
It was delicious. I understand why it has won awards.

I managed to save the other half for the car ride home. Again….it was delicious, though a little soggy from having all the heat evaporate and sog up the bread…

So here is the question… was almost $9 too much to pay for this sandwich?
A few years ago, it was only $6, and I know the price of food has risen a tad, and they need to still make a profit. There was also quite a lot of turkey and brie on it, and brie is not a cheap cheese…it’s a good sandwich…
If I worked in Annapolis, I would not buy this for my lunch every day, or once a week, or even once a month….I would buy it as a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sandwich or something like that, but not for every day consumption, even though I really love it.

So if you’re ever in Annapolis, go check out the Big Cheese and give the Annapolitan a try. Even though it’s pricey, it’s delicious!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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