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Why You should Go Natural With Your Lip Balms 

Lip balms are the unsung heroes of the century.
Got dry, cracked lips?
Use some lip balm.
Gonna be using some matte lipstick?
Better put some lip balm on first to keep your lips from drying out.
Got some lip liner on that you want to have a smoother finish?
You guessed it.
Put some lip balm over top of that lip liner!

I rejected EOS lip balms awhile ago because they were literally destroying my lips and making them peel, crack, and just 100% uncomfortable.
Upon looking at the list of ingredients on the lip balms I was using, I was disgusted. Half of the stuff that was in them was stuff that probably isn’t good for the human body, yet people are putting these on their mouths every single day.
My good friend Renee, who is the owner of Jersey Gypsy Etsy Shop, also noticed the same thing. One day, she messaged me on Facebook and said “I’m gonna make natural lip balms!”

I was excited to see what she would make….yesterday, I got a mailer with the 4 lip balms that she sells in her shop.

These little guys are natural beeswax lip balms that include a short list of oils and butters that I actually know what they are….
sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and mango butter.
These lip balms really make my lips silky smooth and soft without leaving them feeling greasy.

These are scented, but have virtually NO flavor when you put them on…
Renee decided to keep away from adding colorants or sweeteners to these lip balms so as to keep them as simple and natural as possible.

These sell for $3 per lip balm, which is great when you consider that a tube of Chapstick at CVS will run you about $4-$6.
Each lip balm comes shrink wrapped in safety plastic with an extra tamper-proof seal around the cap of the tube.
I love how the packaging reflects that these are natural balms. Very simple and professional.

The four scents are black cherry, green apple, orange, and then a plain unscented one, which I am using on my lips before I put on my matte lipsticks, so the scent of the balm and the flavor of the lipstick don’t mix.
I can’t choose between the black cherry and green apple scents…all of the scents are very realistic smelling, and not fakey at all.

You can find these little dudes over at Renee’s shop…Links to Renee’s shop and social media sites will be listed below!

JerseyGypsy Etsy Shop
Lip Balm Shop Link
Jersey Gypsy FB
Jersey Gypsy Instagram
Renee’s Blog–GO FOLLOW HER!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

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