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iPhone Cases For The Fashion Forward

Phone cases are a fashion accessory these days for so many people.
They’re a way to add a little extra something to your outfit without a lot of effort.
I’m sitting down today to write about some cases that I got from the online company Clash Cases.
This online shop sells a wide variety of phone cases for a large number of iPhones, iPods, and Samsung Galaxy phones.
There are many styles to choose from. The shop offers bright and fun prints, bohemian mandalas, cute animals, classic tattoo styles, sugar skulls, and more.

So let’s start with some of the facts about these cases.
The designs on cured onto scratch resistant cases so that the designs won’t fade or rub off. Most of the cases cost $15, and come in either a one piece hard-shell snap on, a one piece soft TPU case, or a hard-shell 2 piece case.

I ordered two iPhone 5s cases with specific designs on them.
When my package arrived, I noticed that the cases were not for an iPhone 5s, but instead were for what I believe is a 6Plus. I contacted the company and they sent out two replacement 5s cases along with a hard-shell one piece case for an unknown iPhone model. I’m thinking it might be a regular iPhone 6, or a iPhone 7…I’m not totally sure. I’m just figuring that this little issue was just because when I got my cases it was around Christmastime, so I figure that they are totally swamped with orders around that time of the year, and when I read their online reviews on etsy, nobody else has had any similar issue. I do applaud them for resolving the issue quickly and sending out my new cases in a timely manner.
All of the designs on these phone cases are gorgeous and my iPhone 5s cases are great. They are both the hard-shell 2 piece cases, so they have a front panel that snaps on for added protection to the front and sides of the phone, and so far, it’s done a great job at keeping my phone safe from scratches and dings. I did have a tricky time trying to get the top section of the case to snap off of the bottom section…it takes some finagling, but it will come off.


I really love the bright floral cutout pattern. It’s a nice reminder of springtime. The crescent moon mandala pattern is very chic and bohemian at the same time. It also shows off my phone nicely too, but manages to cover all the little print at the lower middle section of my phone with the IMIE number and the word IPHONE.
So far none of the designs have rubbed off, or have gotten scratched, so my cases look as good as when I got them.

So except for my little order snafu (which I’m figuring was just a random fluke), I really like these cases and have had them on my phone a lot recently.
I think they protect my phone well, and look really cute and go with any outfit.

Clash Cases Website
Clash Cases Instagram
Clash Cases Facebook

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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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