The Bralette Co.–Comfy Bras For All!

Let’s talk about something that I’ve never talked about before on my blog.
I don’t know why I’ve never talked about bras on my blog, but I just haven’t.
But let’s take a second and change that up, shall we?
Finding a bra that fits has always been a struggle for me.
I’m a small 32a (or 30A…it depends) and I’m super picky about how my bra should fit.
I love padded bras, but hate the under-wiring and the constant need to adjust it.
Cue the awkward shoulder wiggle.

I recently came across the small company TheBraletteCo.
This company was started by a mother/daughter team, and they created a bralette with some light pushup and padding in it.
This was perfect for me. I could wear a bra that had the comfort of a sports bra and gave my flat chest a little bit of shape.
Plus, this type of bra looks adorable peeking out from under a sheer shirt or an off -the-shoulder top.

I got two bras in two different styles.

The first one I got was the Signature Padded Lace Bralette.
This has some nice padding that fills out the front of the bra and is made with soft lace that stretches to fit your figure without being too tight or digging in like most bras do.
The padding is also removable so you could conceivably put in more padding if you wanted a more “defined” front.



Lace Detail

The second bralette I received was the unpadded lace racerback in the color rose.
Again this one was made with the stretchy lace material that the black one is made of, except it’s a bit thinner and more delicate.
This bralette comes in the shades Light Pink, Rose, Ivory, Black and Grey.


Lace Detail

The shop also has several other styles of bralettes including a classic halter bra, a triangle bra, a velvet and lace cami bra, a “slasher” bralette with a cut out racerback, and a bandeau with an attached choker.
Each bra comes in three sizes– Small, Medium and Large, so there’s a size for everyone.
On their website, they list the sizing this way:

Small – 30A-32B

Medium – 33B-34DD

Large – 36D – 38DD

These bralettes are a fun and fashionable staple to any wardrobe and I am absolutely in love with the two that I have!

To go see their website, follow the link below!
The Bralette Co. Website
Racerback Bra
Padded Signature Bralette
TheBraletteCo. Instagram

TheBraletteCo Facebook

I hope that you all enjoyed this review and that you will go check out TheBraletteCo.
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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤



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