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Daval Beauty Liquamatte Lipstick Review

I love being able to review for smaller, indie makeup companies that are on their way up in the world and have great products.
DAVAL Beauty is one of those companies.

This company hails from Canada and carries liquid to matte lipsticks as well as regular lipsticks in their Etsy shop, and have been gaining buzz on Instagram, which was where I first found them.

The colors that they have remind me of the Kylie Lip Kits that everyone went insane over earlier this year.
Each liquamatte lipstick is $13.50, which is quite affordable.
The term “liquamatte” simply means that the lipstick is of a wet consistency when it is applied, and then dries to the consistency of regular lipstick.
I was quite concerned that these would dry out my lips like most matte lipsticks do, but was pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise, though I still recommend that you exfoliate your lips before and after each use, or else over time your lips will start to get dried out.
My only note is that these require a fairly light application, or they do tend to get a little bit cakey in consistency.
So no globbing it on.
It’s plenty pigmented with just one application, and is not streaky.

The three colors that I received are Merlin, Roshae, and Izzy.
They do tend to sell out of different colors rapidly, so if you see a shade you like, definitely buy it before they’re all gone, because then you’ll have to wait for the store to restock.
I’d also like to mention that they sent a little handwritten note with the lippies thanking me for my support and saying that they hoped I liked their products!
It’s the little things that make me happy, and that really made me happy.

Merlin is a dusty taupe shade that I absolutely love to death.
I wear it pretty much all the time and it really compliments my pale complexion.

The next shade I am wearing in the above photo is Roshae, which is a pretty peachy/salmon nude and looks very nice and doesn’t wash out my skin like most nude lip colors tend to do.

Finally we have the shade Izzy, which is a bright magenta pink that pops without being too bright or overwhelming.
This is a nice color to help ward off the winter blues.

This shop has received many, many five star reviews on their shop website and has lots of loyal fans on Instagram!
I will add the links to their etsy shop and their IG page below.

DAVAL Beauty Etsy Shop
DAVAL Beauty Instagram

So a final run-down for everyone.
These are very nice quality liquamatte lipcolors and are quite affordable, with great pigmentation and a range of colors to choose from. You’ll also be helping support a great company in the process!

A big thank you to Daval Beauty for letting me review these on my blog!

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Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤



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