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Dreamy Nails For Manicure Monday 

Some days your nails just look so amazing that you have to talk about them.
This Manicure Monday is perfect for having a little nail chat about the beautiful set of hand-painted nails that I have on.

You all know that I love artificial nails.
I’ve been wearing them since I was about 14 or so, and over the years, I have started to venture out to small online shops who create hand painted nail sets that are far more beautiful than any of the sets that anyone can pick up in the store.

The set that I have on are from the shop GettinTipsy on Etsy.
This shop has a large number of wild and creative nail sets for those of us who are tired of plain nails that don’t stand out.

This particular set was originally done on coffin shaped nails, but the owner was nice enough to make this design on a set of square nails!
One great thing about the shop is that they welcome custom orders, so if you would like a color or shape change, then you can simply contact them and talk it over.

I like to call these my ‘DayDreamer Nails’ because the blue and white makes me think of having my head in the clouds.
A coworker mentioned that it looked like snow to them, so everyone has their own interpretation of my nails!

These are super blinged out with rhinestones and little bows that are covered in teeny rhinestones.
If you want nails with a bling factor–look no further! These are the nails for you!

I’ve provided some close-ups of the rhinestones on the thumb nail, as well as the cute little blingy bows!
So far, these nails have managed to stay on for almost a week with no casualties (cracking, chipping, breaking off etc.), so I am very pleased with their durability.

As far as pricing goes, these are very affordable for handmade nails, costing only $8.99.

To go check out GettinTipsy on Etsy, just click the link below.
GettinTipsy Etsy Shop

To go straight to the set of nails that I have on, just follow the link…
Nude And Blue Coffin Nails

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas yesterday and I will talk to you in my next post!
Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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