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The Hunt For Makeup Brushes

With Christmas coming up, my Mom cornered me one day and demanded of me, “HEY WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS? YOU LIKE MAKEUP? YEAH? HOW ABOUT MAKEUP BRUSHES? DO YOU WANT ANY OF THOSE?”

I shrugged and said that I wasn’t sure, but yes, some new makeup brushes would be nice since I’ve had the same makeup brushes for about four years or so and it was most definitely time for some new ones.
So I sat down and did some research.
I found out that natural hair brushes were great for applying powder products, and I had been wanting some new eye makeup brushes. The eye makeup brushes I currently have in my possession aren’t that great at blending together my eyeshadows. In fact, they downright stink.
Had I not done this research ahead of time, I would have happily gone and asked for any random set of makeup brushes that I could find that looked nice.
Oh no no no, I’ve been obsessed with the idea that I just HAVE to have natural fiber eye makeup brushes and not synthetic hair brushes.
I’m too fussy for my own good.
With everyone out there wanting their products to be cruelty free, it is almost impossible to find any natural hair brushes anywhere.
Yes, I love animals, but I also love a good eyeshadow application.

Image result for the struggle is real

I have seen a goat hair makeup brush set online that is $50 for a set of 22 brushes.
I intend on doing some more research before I even think about throwing that kind of money at a set of brushes.

Just something for me to ponder….and ponder….and ponder some more…

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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