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Winter Woes

If there is one thing that I hate more than anything it’s cold winter weather.
Sadly we are experiencing a good amount of that here in Maryland.
Today wasn’t as bad as some days (or as bad as the projected forecast) as it was only 51ºF out. That actually counts as warm, given that the past few days have only hit the low 40’s, and the temps are expected to plummet even more later on this week.

I came across the following winter humor photos today on Pinterest and had to share them because they are beyond accurate.
30 Things Girls Who Are Always Cold Understand:

Cold Winter Memes | Snow-NO - Grumpy Cat Picture: Dear Disney. Just because you made a great movie doesn't make the cold any better. Signed, Everyone:

Then you just have the cats that don't like snow but can't make up their mind!:

I understand all of these pictures on a deep, personal level.
They speak to my winter-hating soul.

I can hardly wait for summer.

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


2 thoughts on “Winter Woes

  1. I too despise winter; might be surprising since I was born and raised in AK!!! It’s been in the 30’s here during the day, 20’s at night! Where Crystal is in AK, it’s below zero. Nope! Just no.

    1. We’re slowly eeking down temperature-wise out here too. It’s totally miserable. I can’t imagine how Crystal is handling those temps! That’s just wayyyyyyy too cold for anyone! Fix a cup of cocoa and stay warm!

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