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Holiday Gift Guide: Saltwater Candle Co. 

What do you buy for someone for Christmas when you’re watching your budget, but want to stretch your dollars as far as they will go?
Wax melts!
It may seem like an odd idea, but in all actuality, these little pieces of waxy wonder are fun gifts to give!

On this episode of my Holiday Gift Guide, I’ll be talking about wax melts from the Etsy shop Saltwater Candle Co.

This five star shop has only been on the web for a year, but it’s clearly becoming a favorite for candle and wax melt enthusiasts with its array of amazing scents.
I was excited to receive three full size wax melts from the shop’s owner, Ashley, along with three single wax melts. I have only ever reviewed candles on my blog, and never wax melts, so I’m happy to be able to get to review some wax melts for the first time!


The three full-sized wax melts I got were Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lemon Pound Cake, and Honey Apple.
Upon receiving the package, I send this photo (please excuse the Snapchat quality of this photo)  to my best friend.
She was extremely jealous to say the least.Now to go into a little bit of detail about these wax melts.
These little guys are hand-made in small batches using premium soy wax, paraffin wax, essential and fragrance oils, and some dyes to give them their pretty colors.
I use one melt square in my wax warmer (which is a tea-light powered warmer) and they melt down fairly quickly.
Below is a photo of one wax melt in the process of melting down.
It only takes these little guys about 4-5 minutes to fully melt, as the wax isn’t too hard.
Once the melt has melted into a full puddle, the scent that it releases is amazing.

The throw of the scent fills the whole downstairs area of my house, but isn’t so overpowering that it is a nuisance. Even after I blow out the tea light (or after it burns out on it’s own) the scent lingers for about half an hour to forty five minutes. (Yes, I set a timer to get those numbers!)
Each wax melt also lasts really well. It took me awhile to test each one, because each melt manages to last for about 3-4 days, but I figure this would change depending on  how long your wax warmer stays on.

Now onto the fragrances. This is where things get exciting.
Let’s start with Black Raspberry Vanilla.
This scent is a lovely warm vanilla scent with a tart raspberry undertone.
It’s a really bright and refreshing scent.

Lemon Pound Cake is exactly what it says.
I have a love/hate relationship with this scent because it smells so much like a warm, hot out of the oven lemon pound cake. It literally smells like lemon cake with sugar glaze on top.
It makes me hungry.
I’m not sure how Ashley can make such an accurate smelling wax melt.
It’s magical. If you love lemon pound cake or bakery scents, you will not be disappointed by this one!

And finally, last but not least comes Honey Apple.
I think this is the most used scent of the wax melts for me.
This is such a fun and fruity scent.
It smells like apple, pear, vanilla and a slight musk undertone.
This really smells like candy in my opinion and I really love this one.
Plus, the color of the wax is really pretty in my wax warmer once it’s all melted down…a small detail that I figured I would throw out there!

The three single use mini melts that I received were Beach Wood, Beach Linen, and Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree is a fresh pine scented melt that I used yesterday while I was busy putting up my Christmas tree in my room.
Beach Linen is a airy scent that smells like clothing that has come in after being hung out on a clothes line in the sun. It has that fresh smell to it.
Beach Wood smells like warm wood with a cool ocean mist undertone to it. That ocean mist scent I’m talking about is hard to describe, but it’s very fresh and light.

There are so many scents you can choose from Saltwater Candle Co. so there is something for everyone.
The wax melts are extremely affordable–$3 for a pack.
The shop also carries 8 and 16 oz. candles as well as little tea light sets.

You can find the shop online as well as on Facebook.
⇓    ⇓    ⇓   ⇓
Click here to go to Saltwater Candle Co. on Etsy
Click here to go visit Saltwater Candle Co. on Facebook

I’d like to thank Ashley so much for letting me do this review for her company!
It was such fun!

Thank you all for taking time to read this, and I hope you all will go take a look at Ashley’s shop.
Also please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by clicking that FOLLOW button at the top of this page!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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