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My Favorite Bath And Body Works Lotion

It’s fall, and winter is quickly approaching. That can mean only one thing–dry, cracked, irritated skin. Nobody wants that.

So I decided to take a second to showcase my go-to lotion that I’ve been using ever since the cold weather arrived.

It’s not a surprise that I’m addicted to bath and body works lotion. In fact if you’ve been around my blog and social media accounts, you’ll know that it’s my favorite brand. They have so many scents to choose from and today I’ll be talking about Pink Chiffon.

My original favorite lotion was Cashmere Glow, but that was sadly discontinued last year along with Wild Madagascar Vanilla, which was my second favorite…

Just kidding. I just wanted to say that before he leaves office.

So I turned to Pink Chiffon, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. It has that fruity scent with a musk back scent. It’s just as soft as all the other lotions and can be worn any time of the year, since the scent can go either way–warms and musky for fall and winter, and fruity for spring and summer. It’s versatile and I like that about it.

I just hope that Bath and Body Works doesn’t discontinue it–or I will start a one person riot.

Bath And Body Works lotion pink chiffon

Until Next Time

Peace, Love, and Glitter

❤ XOXO ❤


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