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Summer Chic Maxi Skirt from MaLuxe 

Every woman should own a maxi skirt.
That is my personal fashionista belief.
They’re dressy without being too dressy, and boy, are they comfy.
I am very excited to be modeling and reviewing this beautiful maxi skirt from the online clothing brand, MaLuxe.
MaLuxe is an offshoot of the clothing brand MarieNohrDesigns, which I reviewed a little while ago, and I already did a post for MaLuxe just last week!
I will post the link to that review HERE.
The shop’s owner, Marie, decided to make her Marie Nohr line specifically a line of maternity/breastfeeding clothes for momma’s everywhere (I know where I will be shopping whenever I have kids, because her maternity line is so nice), and then she created the MaLuxe line for the rest of us!
The MaLuxe line features trendy, handmade and unique pieces, such as maxi skirts, harem pants, jumpsuits, and tunics.

This is a high waisted floral maxi skirt.
The floral pattern is something straight out of the tropics and is perfect for summertime. I like to pair my skirt with a plain tank top. Black works really well, as you can tell by the photos.
I personally want to find a coral top, to match the flowers on the skirt. I think that would be a really bright and snazzy combination.
I was especially excited when I noticed that this skirt had POCKETS. YES! POCKETS! In a SKIRT! And they’re big enough to hold my iPhone! This is something that I would love to sing the praises of from the rooftops.
Can you tell that I love pockets?

skirt pockets

I’m still debating whether I prefer wearing this with a tank top tucked in or not tucked in…(to tuck, or not to tuck, that is the question.)floral maxi skirt fashion style

Either way looks good though!
indie fashion brand maxi skirt

The skirt I am wearing is a size small, and I personally love the fit.
The fabric is rayon spandex, so it’s very stretchy, and breathable fabric.
I definitely will be wearing this into the fall, probably with my denim jacket, some flats, and my leather cross-body purse.


Marie was kind enough to create a coupon code that you guys can use on her online shop, as well as her FB page.
The code is: THEGLITTERMIRROR and it will take 30% off of your purchase!
Marie also offers free hemming of her items.
MaLuxe on Facebook 
MaLuxe on Etsy

I want to thank Marie for allowing me to review her work, and I absolutely enjoyed it!
I also hope that you all will go check out her shop, and thank you for taking time to read my blog! Please don’t forget to like and follow my blog if you are not already doing so!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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