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Harem Pants–A Whole New Level Of Comfort 

Harem pants have been popping up on my Pinterest suggestions recently, and I was intrigued to see if I would be able to rock this trend.
My harem pants are from the clothing brand MaLuxe, which is an offshoot of the company Marie Nohr Designs, which I did a review for once before.
>>Click here to read that review!<<
The brand’s owner, Marie, decided to make her Marie Nohr Designs brand specifically for nursing/expecting moms, whereas her MaLuxe brand is for those of us who don’t have any little ones on the way, or newly born.

Marie has many different fabrics available for the harem pants (she hand-makes them!), and I selected the pretty coral and navy blue silky fabric that you see in these photos!
I was a little nervous at first to try out such a different pants shape (you know me…I love my yoga pants and skinny jeans–I’m a creature of habit), but I had seen a couple of my coworkers rocking this style of pants on their Instagram accounts, so I figured that if they could wear them and look amazing, then I should be able to wear them too without any figure issues.
That last statement is 100% true.
These pants are ridiculously flattering.
I am wearing a size small, and they should be worn at the waist (don’t let them hang on your hips, or else they won’t fit like they should!)
My Mom tried them on shortly after I got them, and wants to borrow them from me! (They looked great on her figure too–and our figures are totally different.)

The fabric is nice and cool, and very breathable, and can easily be either worn casually, or dressed up with a nice pair of heels.
They also have pockets. That’s kind of a big deal in my book!
I picked this particular pattern because I feel that it will carry me into the fall months really well.

I would definitely suggest to anyone who is interested in trying out a pair of these pants to get them from Marie’s shop!
Marie can do free hemming if need be, and she is very easy to work with.
Below are links to her shop, along with a coupon code that you can use for 30% off your whole purchase.

MaLuxe on Etsy
MaLuxe on Facebook

I definitely hope that you will go check out Marie’s shop, and see what catches your fancy, as there are many cute and unique items from which to choose!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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