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A Whiff Of Fall

What smells so good?

Probably just my new Bath and Body Works lotion. Marshmallow pumpkin latte body lotion is my new favorite scent for this fall, and it’s not even fall yet! Bath and body works lotion fall pumpkin marshmallow spice For this being a pumpkin spice scent, I actually really like it because it’s not to overpowering.
Of course, as with all Bath and Body Works lotions, it leaves my skin feeling very soft and silky.
I managed to snag this 3 ounce bottle for free the other day using a coupon that I got in the mail. For once, couponing paid off!!! 🙂
This is definitely a scent that I suggest you guys check out for this fall!

Until next time!
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ xoxo ❤


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