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My Favorite Shorts Are Pretty Special…Let Me Tell You Why 

This summer, I’ve been all into the idea of upcycling old clothes into practical items for my wardrobe. I’ve been taking shirts that are too large, and re-sizing them to fit me, and then taking any fabric that I cut off to make cute dishtowels.
I decided that I really wanted to take an old pair of jeans and make some cute denim shorts, since most of my shorts were too big for me.
So I took one pair of old jeans and tried to make some cut-offs.
Well, I learned the hard way that you cannot just go and cut straight across a pair of jeans to make shorts, no matter what Pinterest tells you, and I was seriously bummed out by this failed attempt.
So I turned to my Madre for help.
Seriously. When in doubt, call your Mom.

There was no way for her to fix my first attempt at cut-offs, so we tossed those away and grabbed a second pair of old, destroyed denim jeans that I have had since I was 15.
Mom’s patience, and ability to correctly pin and cut the jeans to the perfect length, resulted in the adorable shorts that you see in these photos!

The jeans that these shorts were made from were my absolute favorite pair as a teenager, and at one point, I thought it would be awesome to draw on the legs and then cut them up to have some “destroyed” denim.
I rarely wore them after I did that to them, so I wasn’t too sad at the idea of cutting them up to make shorts.

Mom cut the legs long enough so that I could roll them up to my desired shortness (Yay! My rear end isn’t hanging out of these shorts!), and that design worked out just wonderfully!
I’m so happy that Mom agreed to help me with this project, because she happened to make my favorite summer clothing piece in my wardrobe!
I also have a second pair of denim capris that are waiting for her to give them a makeover!

So as you all can see, a little ingenuity, creativity, and handiwork can get you a whole new favorite garment!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

PS: Thanks Mommy!


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