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I Go, You Go, We Go, VSCO

I love Instagram just as much as the next person.
Really, I do.
However, the latest addition to IG has me rather annoyed.
Snapchat already had that covered, the horse is dead, stop beating it.

I wanted a place to post my artsy photos…so along came VSCO.

With their plethora of faded filters that I went totally nuts for, I quickly fell in love with the app, and have been posting onto it on a regular basis.
I’m not posting as regularly as I do on  IG because, let’s face it, not everyone is on VSCO–and by that I mean the guy I like is not on VSCO.
But I love VSCO. The clean, modern effect it has really makes my photos look great.
My favorite filter HAS to be T1. I use it the most out of all the filters.
I also love playing around with their gif maker–called DSCO. (They really dug deep for that name, I can already tell.)
Here’s the link to my VSCO account–go check it out, and if you are on VSCO, please take a second to follow me!

Not only do you get to see my new favorite photo sharing and editing app, you also get to see never before seen photos that I haven’t posted on my GlitterMirror Instagram account!

Hope to see you there!
Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤


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