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Facial Masks–Are They Worth The Hype?

Facial treatment face masks/face sheets are a big deal these days. I’ve seen them almost everywhere. I never would have imagined that something that makes you look like a serial murderer from a horror film would be anyone’s preferred key to nice radiant skin, but, to quote a guy I know “Different strokes for different folks.” Everyone has their thing that they like for whatever reason. 

Anyway, I’ve been skeptical about sheet facial masks. I’ve seen them in the stores and they seem cool enough, but nice noticed recently that more and more people are talking about them. To be honest, I never would have gone and spent cash on one of these in order to tell you if I liked it or not. Thankfully my best friend got a few of these and didn’t want them, so they were passed on to me! The one that il be talking about in this post is the pūr~lisse Prevent blue lotus and seaweed sheet mask. I simply tore open the package, exclaimed “ewwww it’s slimey!” As I tried to unfold the mask and apply it to my face, and then looked in the mirror and said “I look like Jason had a little sister.” Then I waited patiently for twenty minutes. I also took some selfies. 

I look so thrilled.

Anyway! Results!

My face still felt slimey son I had to pay it dry very gently with a tissue, because there was no way I was going to bed with that still on my face…I also sat in front of a fan to dry it a little more. The next morning, my skin was smooth and my acne had been soothed and was less inflamed. I also noticed a slight scent that was still lingering from the mask. 

So all in all, despite the weirdness of these masks, I would recommend trying out this brand of face mask! If you’ve tried sheet masks before, let me know what you thought.

Until next time.

Peace, Love, and Glitter

❤ XOXO ❤


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