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Has NYX Gone Too Far–Metallic Lippies

NYX Cosmetics is always pushing the envelope with fun, new makeup…but I’m starting to wonder if they’ve taken it a bit too far with their latest release….

Behold–metallic liquid creams.


I came across this new product from a NYX email that I got earlier today, and after only three minutes, decided that I just HAD to write up a quick little blog post about it.
This is unlike anything that I have ever seen (and I grew up in the 90’s mind you!)
Most of these colors seem totally impractical for anything (the orange shade, the peach shade and the dark pink seem to be the most OK out of the lot.)

I personally would not be buying any of these for my makeup collection.
The idea of having metallic lips gives me an unsettling feeling…like I should be at a Ke$ha concert or something like that…but maybe that’s what these are good for.
I know for a fact that I would not incorporate these into my everyday makeup….
I want to know what your thoughts are on this new product.
Would you go out and grab one or more, or simply save your cash ($7.50 to be exact)?
Leave me a comment below!

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