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It’s Always Halloween

Hi all! Sorry for this late post! I’ve been so busy with work and other activities recently that I haven’t had much time for blogging….but I wanted to get back to my blog.

I’ve been singing songs from Tim Burton’s movie A Nightmare Before Christmas for the past few days now.
I love all things Tim Burton, and I love his classic 1993 flick about Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King, who decides that he wants Santa’s job, and turns into a Halloween Style Santa Claus and manages to terrify people as he tries to spread some Christmas cheer.
I give Jack 100 bonus loyalty points for trying really hard.

Renee from Jersey Gypsy Etsy Shop knows about my love of Jack Skellington all too well and sent me some Jack Skellington wares from her shop for me to love forever!

The first thing is this charm bangle inspired by the film!
I love how Renee added two Christmas charms and two Halloween charms along with the main charm that is The Pumpkin King himself, Jack.
I am totally addicted to wearing this bangle. I’m not gonna lie.
It has to be one of my favorites to wear!
<Click here to see all of Renee’s gorgeous handmade bangles>
Nightmare Before Christmas bracelet

Renee had mentioned that she was unsure of how she felt about the snowflake charm, but I feel as though it really helps tie the bracelet together, since snowflakes are what Jack sees when he first enters ChristmasTown and starts the song
“What’s This?”
“What’s this? What’s this? There’s color everywhere .
What’s this? There’s white things in the air.”

Moving on to the second Nightmare Before Christmas item….
Renee makes fantastic wristlets, and now she’s shrunk them down and made it possible for you to clip them onto your keychain.
These little babies are perfect in my opinion for carrying around cash and your ID when you go to the beach since they are smaller and lighter than wristlets, or you could use them as change purses.
These range in price from $7 down to $5 and there are a number of fun prints from which to choose, from Jack and Zero, to Batman, to Minions, and Disney characters!
<Check them out here!>
Jack Skellington bag and bracelet

I love Renee’s work.
It’s so fun and delightful and there’s always something for everyone!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post! I also hope you will go and check out Renee’s shop!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
❤ XOXO ❤

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