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Urban Decay Goes Through The Looking Glass

With the upcoming release of the new Alice In Wonderland movie, Urban Decay teamed up with Disney to create a new eyeshadow palette to commemorate this movie!
I really can’t think of a better combination–Urban Decay and Alice in Wonderland!

This palette is full of bright colors, and crazy patterns that one could only find in Wonderland.

I love that the front panel opens up to reveal a butterfly.
(RIP Alan Rickman–he voiced the caterpillar in case you didn’t know.)

One complaint that I have heard going around about this palette, is that the case is cardboard, not metal, or plastic.
This palette retails for $60, but I feel as though that’s a bit steep, given the fact that the packaging is on the flimsy side of things….
One cannot complain about a lack of colors however.
This palette has 20 vibrant shades that all have names that relate to the movie.
My personal favorite shades are Time, Dream On, Looking Glass, Royal Flush and Bandersnatch.

This collection also includes five lipsticks.

While this isn’t the most practical collection ever, it is most certainly fun and perfect for anyone who is a huge AliceΒ in Wonderland addict!
Let me know what you think of this collection. Would you run out to buy it, or would you pass on it?
Leave a comment below!

Until Next Time
Peace, Love, and Glitter
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2 thoughts on “Urban Decay Goes Through The Looking Glass

    1. My love for AIW and Urban Decay makeup outweighs the possible cheap packaging–I totally agree with you πŸ™‚ I hope the Urban Decay fairy drops this palette on my doorstep lolol

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